ELT Hunting !

Under Construction !

I have collected a few links to ELT information for the 121.5,243 and 406mhz freq's. I would also like to have here a list of ELT prepared hunters and equipment available in emergencies.
ELT Hunting howto's:
     Setting up a team of hunters
     Hints and tips on Hunting ELT's
ELT Hunting equipment:
 ARTEX ELT's along with some info on FAA requirements and more info on how ELT's work on various freq's..
 Narco Avionics ELT transmitter spec's

 SARSAT Taxes in the sky. (no output but it monitors!)
 International SAR with cospas.  These guys to have many limitations on availability of information.
 National assoc. of Search and Rescue

For more links of general interest to t-hunting hams see: Hounds links

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