Links to neat places

Probably the best collection of links is via the ARDF Web ring located at the bottom of our home page.

Mass T-Hunting groups:  a neat site collecting dates and times for hunts!

 MMRA Repeater assoc. WZ0C and N1BE has joined in on one of our hunts! Weekly Hunts.

 Mt. Tom One of our closest fox hunt groups. Used to have Weekly Hunts. Several members have joined in with us!

South Shore T-hunting group (Eastern Mass) Might be a good canditate for a in-state hunt ?

 Franklyn county  has a Thunting group!

Near by out of state groups:

RANV VT. Fox hunting Estimated 30 or so minutes north of the Mass boarder on RT 91.
Hudson Valley DF assoc.  This is a pretty neat site with lots of info and links. Also part of a
weblink loop of other T-Hunting sites.

Real good Ham T-hunting sites:
Homing In (Great site)  The monthly source to Amature DF information.

 Joe Leggio RDF projects page. Some really great stuff !

 RFP (RF Products) they have GREAT Documentation on a sub page, click here.

USA National RDF Competition  Oregon this year !

 KE3HT/m   This list would not be complete without my link of links. It does have a nice picture of the Suffolk county T-hunters assoc with more than 12 dop scan's in the club!

 Commercial T-Hunting sites:
Child tracking (ever lost a child?) This company has lowjack style devices for kids.

Lowjack Automobile tracking. Lowjack has its problems but is in use all over the county including Pittfield,MA. The site seems to be down right now and is moving to a new server. (a/o 8/26/99)

LoJack    Protect your ham vehicle !  Vehicle tracking systems. (173.075)  (Old working site a/o 8/26/99)

Other interesting sites:
Quinte Amateur Radio Club

Have any neat links you would like to add? Just drop me a note:

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