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11/18/2002 list of the T-hunt group

Being revised 11/2002 please email with updates..  SK Honerable Perminant member

On call members:  (www page) * no info?  (www page) *
*  noinfo
(www page) * noinfo
w1ttt *
n1pua  *
  (www page)

 Last Known address or requested not to publish e-mail addresses:* (oncall)
KB1FLK(Tom)  / KB1FRG(Kathy) / KB1IKU(Donna)
KB1DOE  (no known e-mail)

* Means this person has volunteered to be  called  for emergencies.

PLEASE !  If I left someone off please let me know. E-Mail preferred

T-Hunt mailing list information:

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