12/2004 tpe Since we stopped tracking the competitions we no longer have awards.

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A couple of years ago we starting giving awards to those who brough the most fun to our hunts.

I hope you all can help me get a more complete list and corrections to what I already have. Some of these are obvious, others may require a vote to settle a 'opinion' award.

AWARD Definitions:
"N1ISB Memorial Wendy's cup"  This is a club memorial hunt based on one of the Hounds founders Don Horton N1ISB!

"Hounds on paw" 
on foot at a mobile hunt. In honor of KB1DMR / N1QOV shocking success!

"Most creative Hound"  The most amazing technique(s) for hunting.

"Rookie of the year Award"  For newcommers to Fox Hunting.

"We Try Harder" For the team(s) that did their best but never get first! (????? To qualify they should  be second or third?) Created in honor of KB1EAA/KB1EUH.

"Frank Woodstock memorial hunt September xxxx",  This is a club memorial award .

"ESP" award, For the T-Hunter that seems to do well for unknown reasons! In Hornor of the mysterious John WA1ZHM.

"Best Fox" For the Fox that had the best hiding spot. (most enjoyable or hardest to find).

"Lame Fox" For the Fox with the worst (easiest to find) hiding place.

"DNF" Did Not Finish in style! Usually to a fun team that seems to have a lot of equipment failures!

"N1ISB" Not defined yet. October (the month of his passing)?

More added upon request!. Do we want a overaul award or tell the list your idea's see if they are liked!

Proposed 2001 Awards:

- "Most Creative Hound"  KB1EUH for the creative use of markers!
- "Rookie of the year 2000"  WD1W/KB1GPV/KB1GPW
- "We try Harder !"
- "Frank Woodstock memorial hunt September 2000" Paul KB1EPP
- The "ESP" award Otherwise known as the WA1ZHM award :-) , who else? WA1ZHM!
- "Lame Fox" KE3HT/N1FGY 11/18/2001 1.2 miles
- "DNF" N1QOV Obie for helping us all get lost!?
Year to date 2001 Records:

- 4/27/2001 Hunt with largest participation KB1EAA/KB1EUH, 19 people.
- 4/27/2001 Hunt with longest time to hear the fox KB1EAA/KB1EUH 1hr 15minutes.
- 4/27/2001 Hunt with most youth participation, KB1EAA/KB1EUH, 5, 3 licensed...
- 9/2001 Frank Woodstock Memorial Hunt, First time winner - KB1EPP Paul.
- 11/19/2001 John broke two records and maintains his "MR. ESP" status.
                     1.2miles in 10 minutes! Two records fell on one day!

2000 Awards:

- "Most Creative Hound"  KB1FLK/KB1FRG home made curly beam.
- "Rookie of the year 2000" award to KB1FLK/KB1FRG and KB1EPP.
- "We try Harder !" Award. N1ISB/KB2SAE.
- "Frank Woodstock memorial hunt September 2000" Todd N1XHR
- The "ESP" award Otherwise known as the WA1ZHM award :-) , who else? WA1ZHM!
- "BEST FOX" Tim KE3HT for the roof top Air conditioning Hunt.
- "Lame Fox" Award, WA1ZHM 14 minutes.
- "DNF" award (see near bottom) :-)  N1ISB/KB2SAE
Year to date 2000 Records: (As I see them or reported to me)

- 2/27/00 KE3HT  first 17 minute dead fox. Fastest find
- 4/30/00 KE3HT first 14 minute dead fox faster find. Also Lame fox Award for WA1ZHM!
-1/30/00 KB1EAA shortest find! 4miles (+/-)
-4/30/00 KE3HT ties shortest find 3.9miles
-5/29/00 KE3HT fox on the prarie (easiest fox to find) also known as the lame Fox award. 58 minutes for all Hounds!
-10/22/00 N1XHR fox on the prarie "Lame Fox". 32 minutes!

1999 Records:
- 1998 N1XHR/N1XHQ first 20 minute dead fox.
- 04/24/99 KB1EAA scanner only, 2nd place ! Not even a licensed ham yet. Just passed his novice test.
- 05/23/99 KB1DMR first bicycle DF'er. dnf but he tried! Want to set a record? Try this one.
- 08/22/99 All teams finished. All teams finished in 39 minutes.
- 11/21/99 Dave (KB1EAA) and RoAnne have placed in the top 3 for all five of their hunts this year! 4 were 2nd.
- 10/24/99 KB1DMR & N1QOV 3rd place at a mobiile hunt!

1999 Awards:

"Hounds on paw" KB1DMR and N1QOV 3rd place on foot at a mobile hunt 10/24/99!
"Most creative Hound"  KB1DMR on bicycle !

"Rookie of the year Award" goes to KB1EAA For first season attempts at hunting, We had two new hunters and they were both new ham's this year. Pierre (KB1DMR), was our first ever Biker/hunter. Pierre, while teamed up with O.B. was also the first team to finish a hunt while on FOOT (third place to boot!). Clearly KB1EAA and RoAnne were at the top of the heap enough. New ham and New hunter. All 5 hunts were finished in the top3! With his wife (RoAnne) driving they are quite a team!
Since this years award for "We Try Harder" was won by the same team the award was merged.
"We Try Harder" goes to KB1EAA Dave, and RoAnne for getting 2nd place 4 times in the 1999 season and no firsts! (Humor). One third. This team has done the near impossible. These folks have been in the top three for 5 of the 8 hunts this season.

"Frank Woodstock memorial hunt September 1999",  Winner was John WA1ZHM. Since this is a club memorial award I printed a special one.

These two were merged as well.
"ESP" award, For the T-Hunter that seems to do well for unknown reasons! John WA1ZHM.
"Best Fox" 1999 John WA1ZHM for the Dead fox hunt in the cemetery.

Left over from last year:
"Best Fox" 1998 N1XHR/KB2SAE for the Ski Basin at Jiminy Peak ?

Awards un-claimed:
"DNF" Did Not Finish award ? most times or worst attempt that resulted in a DNF? (Humor)

"Largest team" (Shows some effort in getting others involved) ?

"Longest hunt" longest time to have first place team find the fox. KE3HT Pittsfield Parking garage hunt?

"Fox on the prairie" Easiest fox to find ! KB2SAE 8/22/99. 39 minutes for all 6 teams to touch down.

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