March 2006 NY Wins!

The participants were:
Tom KB1FLK and Donna KB1IKU
George KB2SAE
Tom N2NZD and Alex  (The Winners)
Rick KA1SON (Home helper)
This hunt started with an Public inquiry from an outsider. George KB2SAE handled it while the rest of us took off. Thanks George!  It did not hurt him to much. He finished in a tie for 2nd place with Tim KE3HT. Tom N2NZD from the Rip Vanwinkle group and his co-pilot Alex managed to come in 30 minutes faster than 2nd place! 24mins to be exact. I taught him how to loose in the January hunt so he had to make a come back in this hunt! Good job Tom! As you may know, the winner picks the next date and location. Likely to be in April, perhaps it will be in some warmer weather. It is also possible we will have our first New York hunt. Tom lives in Columbia county, NY so he might have some great fox hole. The fax had a loud and clear signal. So loud Rick KA1SON reported hearing the fox full scale in Dalton. We had him full scale every where. Tim KE3HT was to dumb to use the beam, he used only the dopscan. Dumb mistake. the fox was hideing in the Spingside Park area  If you look at a topo there are three tiers of land. Tyler Ave (1049ft), then Spring side area called Victory Hill (1,260ft), then Crane ave area called Oak hill (1,362ft). Rt 7 is at 1,100ft. Amazing what the reflections were! Good job selecting a site Tim N1PTZ!  If you were on Oak Hill like Tom KB1FLK and Donna KB1IKU, they were looking over the top of the fox and getting reflections from Oak Hill, I was below them on Tyler ave and they were shooting over the top of me! Not an easy one to win. PLEASE keep an ear out for the next hunt! It should be a good one!

January 2006   Fox was at school

The participants were:
            Ben, KB1FEZ/Paul, N1PUA
            Tim, N1PTZ  __ The Winner
            Tim, KE3HT/ Tom  N2NZD ( a guest from the Rip Van Winkle Club) last place.
            George, KB2SAE (at home)
            Todd, N1XHR   late starter
            Pat & Joe N1LZH and W1BS were the foxes.
The hunt started at 1:10 pm from the Bradlees Parking lot on Merrill Road. The fox was found first by Tim, N1PTZ who was actually trying to rendezvous with N1PUA - He found the fox instead. Then came Todd with his family in the van  - they had stopped to eat first. Finally we saw Paul and Ben. Wondering what had happened to Tim KE3HT, the guys surveyed the parking lot around the corner  -- there was Tim - who had parked and was waiting for the next broadcast. Tim T knocked on Tim E's window and said HEY what ya doing there. How embarrassing. So close but yet so far....The foxes found a nice hiding spot, with lots of reflections. it was in the far back end of Taconic High School between the building and a concealing earth berm. Pat treated the guys to some hot chocolate and some cookies which she had brought. it was such  a nice sunny day, we all stood around for a while chatting. It was fun. Webmaster note: We always welcome newcomers to join in with the last place team! We showed Tom, N2NZD from the Rip Vanwinkle group how to lose! We still had lots of fun!

 NO EXPERIANCE NECESSARY! All you need is an HT and a map to participate. if your not sure you can do it, ask anyone of our hounds and I am SURE they will help. Its a great bunch of Hams we have.

Please listen to the NoBarc New Comers round table at 7:30pm on Tuesdays for an announcement for the next hunt. We also run a very informal News List for the NoBarc hounds. To subscribe send e-mail to "majordomo@ke3ht.org" and in the body of the e-mail put "subscribe hounds".  After you are subscribed you can send e-mail to hounds@nobarc.org. This way you will hear up to the minute info on the next hunt as well as some of the challenges and bantering we partake in. We also have some info at http://www.nobarc.org/hounds.

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