March 18th, Good turnout and a heavy weight hunt.

We had a more difficult hunt than usual. I (KE3HT) was the fox. My goal was to confuse John(WA1ZHM) and his new Dop Scan. Everyone knows he seems to find ways to fool mine! I used a 30inch microwave dish and a 1/8wave feed to point the 100mw of RF right at the 147.030 repeater. I was in Dalton Behind the Legion field near the lake entrance. Dop Scans dont work if they can't hear the signal. I made it so only the Beam hunters could hear me at the start. Dop Scans loose 3 to 5db of receive ability so even the Body shielders sould do better finding a signal. This hunt was a Distance based hunt and John was bested by 3 of the other four hunters. I got the feeling he will get even with me next time he's the fox! So for the results you can get the details off the  Hounds Stats Page but in order of mileage: The Dave(KB1EAA) / RoAnne(KB1EUH) team closely followed by Paul(KB1EPP) and then by Tom(KB1FLK) and his Daughter Kathy(KB1FRG).

January 7th ! Cold hunt.

We had a good turnout of hunters but we had some trouble with the final results. Between Todd and I we could not make out who won. Who Cares? We had great fun. John WA1ZHM had a good time on his first compeditive hunt with his new Dop Scan. That and his natural abilities will make him hard to beat. Todd hid behind the Tim Warner office building but he left his car in the side parking lot to help give him away.

Everyone is invited to come hunt with us! If Dave (who is now KB1EAA) can find the fox with a scanner, any ham who puts a little effort into it can find the picnic. Hope to see you all there!

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