November 18th, State wide hunt!

The NoBarc hounds had a Sunday afternoon hunt and had teams from Springfield and from the Boston area show up! Tim(KE3HT) and Ed(N1FY) were the foxes doing a mileage hunt. We hid in a parking lot behind the GE Plastics buildings. Mr. ESP, John(WA1ZHM) was the first place finisher in a record 1.2miles beating KB1EAA/KB1EUH's 4miles set in January 2000! THATS not all! John also set a record 10minutes beating KE3HT's record of 14minutes set in April of 2000. I guess John was in a hurry to get to work on time! (He works nights) The Boston group, Mike(WZ0C) and Bob(N1BE), took second with 5.95 miles and Paul(KB1EPP) was third in a respectable 8.5miles. The Springfield group was made up of: Jon(WM1SAR), Tim(KB1HGH, Dan(KB1FTV) and Chris(KB1FTU) who was actualy from Hinsdale. The whole hunt was completed in under an hour and a half. The Boston bunch was from the MinuteMan Repeater assoc(I hope I got that right). They have a web site of  http://www.mmra.org . MMRA has hunts each Saturday at 10am in the Nashoba Valley area normaly on the 146.61 repeater input. They normaly have a time hunt with random starts. The Springfield area has not had regular hunts in awhile but they used to have it on thr 146.94 Mt. Tom Repeater. After the hunt the sun set and temp's dropped very quickly. The hounds and foxes went to Dunkin-Donuts which happened to be right down the street. This gathering made me think that many T-Hunters are crazy enough to seek out hunts whenever and where ever they exist. To that end I want to propose that we get a hunting party together and go after the first place in the MMRA hunt some Saturday! Maybe I could even propose a state wide or New England wide hunt once a year where we can try to get the best teams from all around to participate for some thing. Maybe another traveling trophy? In any case we had a great hunt and the new groups attendance helped fill out our small group.

NO EXPERIANCE NECESSARY! All you need is an HT and a map to participate. if your not sure you can do it, ask anyone of our hounds and I am SURE they will help. Its a great bunch of Hams we have.

Please listen to the NoBarc New Comers round table at 7:30pm on Tuesdays for an announcement for the next hunt. We also run a very informal News List for the NoBarc hounds. To subscribe send e-mail to "majordomo@ke3ht.ampr.org" and in the body of the e-mail put "subscribe hounds".  After you are subscribed you can send e-mail to hounds@ke3ht.ampr.org. This way you will hear up to the minute info on the next hunt as well as some of the challenges and bantering we partake in. We also have some info at http://www.nobarc.org/hounds .

October 21st, What a month. N1ISB's month.

With the passing of one of our most dedicated Transmitter hunters, Don(N1ISB) and our 'hound' mascott Pinto, things have not been very normal this month. We had our hunt with Paul(KB1EPP) and Mark(N1NJO) as our foxes running a mileage hunt. The fox was behind the empty shops of Lenox. The signal bounced a bit to the west but Ed(N1FGY) and I Tim(KE3HT) had the shortest mileage. Paul(N1PUA) finished second. John(WA1ZHM) was third. George(KB2SAE) was close but had to call out due to a previous obligation.

NO EXPERIANCE NECESSARY! All you need is an HT and a map to participate. if your not sure you can do it, ask anyone of our hounds and I am SURE they will help. Its a great bunch of guys we have.

Please listen to the NoBarc N1ISB New Comers round table at 7:30pm on Tuesdays for an announcement for the next hunt. We also run a very informal News List for the NoBarc hounds. To subscribe send e-mail to "majordomo@ke3ht.ampr.org" and in the body of the e-mail put "subscribe hounds".  After you are subscribed you can send e-mail to hounds@ke3ht.ampr.org. This way you will hear up to the minute info on the next hunt as well as some of the challenges and bantering we partake in. We also have some info at http://www.nobarc.org/hounds .

September 22nd, Frank Woodstock memorial hunt.

The hounds were hunting Saturday evening (for a change) and had some great weather. We also had a first time winner, Paul (KB1EPP)  and Mark(N1NJO). Paul has been a consistent hunter but held the first place Fox at bay for far to long. Congratulations Paul and Mark. Dave (KB1EAA) and RoAnne (KB1EUH) are polishing up on their talents at holding onto the cute 2nd place hound trophy. Mr. ESP , John (WA1ZHM), had to finish last. He passed by us a few times but the reflections kept the dop scan spinning I guess. Tom (KB1FLK)/Kathy (KB1FRG) and crew (names I failed to get) seem to be having some trouble. I think they may have been spending to much time on the fun and not enough on the finding? They were talked in when time started running short. Kathy was to attend a dance that evening. I guess she found some time to hunt before the dance! It seems once you have been bitten by the T-Hunting bug your doomed to be addicted. "T-Hunting, my other Drug!". Ed (N1FGY) and myself Tim (KE3HT) were the foxes this time. We hid on Orbed road just past the end of the pavement by the old Lanesborough dump site. This meant there was a nice size hill that caused the Bradlees parking lot to be in the shadow of our signal. If anyone moved to one side they would get a stronger signal and in line with the hill they would have a weaker one eve though they may be closer. This didn't fool Paul but the others spent a fair amount of time near the Black Rock park area. When they moved closer to us the signals would drop. Of other news: RoAnne was having such a time with her markers one even exploded. I think she is taking the mapping part of this very seriously :-)

July 22nd, The Annual New England Hunt (No boundaries)

This was our first annual No Boundaries hunt. I think we should call it the New England hunt. We had the most fantastic WX and the most fun! Chris (WD1W), Sky(KB1GPW), and Cale(KB1GPV) picked a wonderful spot on Hogback Mt. in Vermont. It had some nice shade and a great signal. The three of them took turns making the transmissions. 4 teams started and 4 finished all inside 2hrs and 16 minutes. Everybody found the fox on their own. A couple started on top of Mt. Greylock and had a signal to the north. Ed(N1FGY) and myself(KE3HT) started from atop the switch back on Rt 2. It was great because we had almost no signal from the west side overlooking N Adams and we had a near full scale signal to the NE on the east side. The null on the west side where the view to the north is good makes it hard to think the north direction might be a good one. Ed and I took off down some steep narrow roads into vermont. Passing some nice lakes, Rivers and even a Nuke power plant. It was a wonderful trip. When we got near VT Rt 9 the signal was so loud we heard a solid signal on the Dop Scan. That signal confirmed the origional direction so we kept on going. Things just went too great for us. I think Ed brought some good luck to my hunting, thanks Ed. George/George (KB2SAE/Nephew) and Dave/RoAnne (KB1EAA/KB1EUH) and Tom/Kath/Donna (KB1FLK/KB1FRG/Nocall) all headed towards the north. Finding nothing and hearing our reports George thought of a Spot he and Don (N1FGY) had used for a VHF Contest. Hogback Mt. He started in that direction and found the signal again and then the Fox. Soon the others discovered that North had no signal and headed east. One of the goals for hunting is to have fun but the idea of a wide area or no boundaries hunt makes the hunting feel even more like a real hunt since we have no idea at all where the fox is. A side note was that we had two non-hams attend the hunt. Tom/Kath brought Donna who is a non-ham and George brought a nephew also named George. When it came time to leave young George was in the car with the Mike in hand ready to go. I think we have a new ham on the burners there! Since Ed and I are the foxes next month we have to find a good hiding spot. We also need to set a date. Please keep your radio's on during the Sunday 9am nets and also the Monday night 7:30pm Round table net for news on the next hunt. Maybe I will say that since the NoBarc flea market is Aug 19th that perhaps Aug 26th might make a good date? If you have any preferences please let Ed or I know and we shall see what we can do to get the most people involved. Want to learn more or think you might want to try this just drop anyone mentioned here a note or to me ke3ht@nobarc.org......

June 17th Jiminy Peak, over the hill!

What a strong signal! Its over there! I (KE3HT) met up with WD1W/KB1GPV/KB1GPW in a parking lot. We both had our beams out and they both pointed WNW from the Lake parking lot. It was very strong, S9ish. WD1W/KB1GPV/KB1GPW were the winners, I was DeAd LaSt! How could that be? Well I blame it on being  2/3'rds German (no offense) and very stubborn. The first good signal I had was from the lake and it said WNW by beam AND Dop Scan! WD1W and family also pointed over there. They must be over there! I got a good second signal and a great triangulation while I was just south of the line on my map that pointed WNW. I was wrong. Everywhere I went the signal never pointed  where they actually were. My only clue, forgive me, was that I knew where WD1W & family were going when one of his sons yelled "The fox has been found!, the fox has been FOUND!" in a very excited voice. We normally leave the winners a secret until the last hound finds the fox or calls in but this time I think EVERYONE cheered with him. Its so good to have new people much less some young people win! At 1 hour 26 minutes Dave(KB1EAA) and RoAnne(KB1EUH) were found. Three hounds found them inside of one minute! This was a very unusual finish. It must have been like Daytona speedway. The fox was in a dirt area on the side of the road just west of Jiminy peak. We had a couple of base stations (N1LZH & N1QOV) that both tried to home in on the fox without a lot of success. They were both reporting up north. I was the last at 1 hour 42 minutes so we had a close finish. First to last the finish occured inside of 16 minutes. Daytona doesn't finish this close! The rain held off and except for a couple of regulars that were missing things were great! I hope to see every one at the next hunt July 22nd. This will be a special hunt. Still on 147.630 BUT this hunt will have NO boundaries! They can be anywhere that can be heard by the 147.030 repeater input(147.630). To find them we will need a little team work. Base stations will be especially helpful even those without beams. Please feel free to join in. Just tell us if you hear him or not. BOTH reports help. We can tell where to go or not to go (What a ham quote!).

May 13th National Fox hunting weekend.

National Fox Hunt Weekend Report from Don, N1ISB

1.  Name of club, if any   Northern Berkshire Amateur Radio Club ( NoBARC)
2.  Date of hunt    13 May 2001
3.  Starting city and state or province   Pittsfield MA
4.  Number of hidden transmitters 1
5.  Frequency (ies) of transmitter(s)   147.630
6.  Type of hunt (e.g. mobile, mobile/sniff, IARU) Mobile
7.  Scoring method (time, mileage, combination, other) Mileage
8.  Callsign(s) of hider(s) KB2SAE (George) N1ISB (Don)
9.  Callsign(s) of winner(s) KB1EAA (Dave) KB1EUH Roanne) Our husband-and-wife team

10.  Comments, quotes, etc...  Great hunt!  Held our monthly hunt 2 weeks early to be part of the "official" weekend.  We had six teams of
hunters of varying experience and equipment.  Our newest hunters were Chris WD1W and his sons Sky KB1GPW and Cale  KB1GPZ.  We
also has along Tom KB1FLK and daughter Katherine KB1FRG, Paul KB1EPP working solo, and our two solo "dop ops" Tim KE3HT and
John WA1ZHM.  Not out hunting, but helping from home were Rick KA1SON, Obie N1QOV, Paul N1PUA 9who was about five minutes
drive from the fox location, but gave only veiled hints!), and Dave W1TTT.

 The hunt difficulty was greater than planned, but far from our toughest (that one was back on April '01).  It was an echo-y location, which
really messed up the dops, who traveled the longest distances.  The winners racked up an amazing 13.2 miles (and took about two hours to
do it  -- very careful hunting).  A good time was had by all, and the Beanie Baby fox, which has been our traveling trophy for about four years,
now is back at the home of KB1EAA and KB1EUH.  Everyone else has vowed to repossess him next month!

11.  Your name and callsign   Don Horton N1ISB
12.  Your contact information (e-mail or postal address) n1isb@netzero.net

The fox was located about 8 miles from the start, in the Town of Lenox MA.  Transmissions were scheduled for every five minutes and to last
one minute each.  Unfortunately, the timing became a bit ragged when the hunters began using the foxes's frequency to compare notes.  Hey,
we weren't going to stop them from talking, now were we?  The frequency, by the way, is the input of one of the club's repeaters.

The group's level of experience ranges from beginners to expert hunters.  We attempt to make the hunts of enough difficulty to challenge
everyone.  Of course, this is a hilly area, and echoes are always with us.  The standing offer is that beginners can ride along with more
experienced hunters just to get the feel of it.  That usually lasts for one or two hunts.  While there is a lot of banter between hunts on the local
repeaters, we don't take winning and losing that seriously.  The hunters usually share information and work together.  Sometimes we do
distance hunts, sometimes we do timed hunts. We even did a hybrid hunt once.  We're still working on the scoring formula for the next time we
try that!

The RDF gear used varies from team to team and from event to event.  We have a couple of hunters who use dopplers; several variations on
beams are used, especially the steel-rule portables.  We even have an op who mounts a yagi on his roof rack with a rotator!  Body shielding is
popular as a backup, and has actually been used to win a couple of hunts.  Most of us don't leave home without HTs and paperclips, just in
case.  Attenuators have also become popular, both the commercial and the home-built type.  The range of home-brew antennas tried out over
the last four or five years is staggering.

We try to hold a hunt once each month, even during winter.  We had to cancel the January 2001 hunt.  No, not because of snow and ice --
we had severe thunderstorms and water was a foot or more deep in the streets.  Our most successful method of interesting people in our hunts
has been the simple one of talking about it on the local repeaters.  We have a lot of fun, and it shows.  Our hope (and it has been borne out
many times, is that the amount of fun we're having communicates itself.  We do make it clear that anyone wishing to join in will be given as
much help as is wanted, and we follow through on it.  We've all made some great friendships doing it.

We do give out awards at the end of the year (this year it finally happened in April) for several accomplishments.  This is, of course, a coveted
rookie(s) of the year award.  Others are given for best-hidden fox, quickest hunt, etc.  We also put together some special awards, such as the
tongue-in-cheek award for most DNFs in the year.  (It went to today’s foxes, who won the last hunt, which was a particularly difficult one.
While we try to recognize the best, we also keep it fun, since that what we claim it's all about.

We haven't done a hunt outside of two meters because two seems to be the lingua franca of ham radio.  Everybody has a 2M HT!

April 22nd, "Can anybody hear the fox?"

That was what everyone was saying! Nomaly during a hunt the frequency is quiet because people are all working on getting to the fox first. This time nobody could hear him. Even the base stations N1PUA and KA1SON with beams reported "Nothing Heard!". Since this was a traditional timed hunt the hounds were spread out throughout the area. Some on hill tops and in the valleys. Everybody spread out. I went North east in Dalton and south east near Hinsdale. KB1FLK went south, W1TTT went as far west as into NewYork. Nothing heard anywhere! There were 10 teams of 14 hams hunting. There were 3 Base stations in on the hunt as well, NJ1K, N1PUA and KA1SON. So including the foxes we had 19 hams turn out for this hunt! I think this to was a record. For sure this hunt was the longest to have everybody NOT hear the fox! I think Dave and RoAnne broke two new records on this one hunt. Maybe the WX had something to do with the attendance. John(WA1ZHM) was the first to get a good bead on the Foxes (KB1EAA & KB1EUH) yet he only came in 4th? What happend John? Tom (KB1FLK) had his daughter Kathy(KB1FRG) compete against him. She teamed up with her brother to drive (Sorry I forgot his name).  Chris Kochenour(WD1W) came all the way from Pownal, VT with his two young men Sky(KB1GPW) and Cale(KB1GPV). Both these young men were only licensed as of April 17th ! Congratulations! Getting back to the hunt, Dave(KB1EAA) and RoAnne(KB1EUH) were hiding up on top of October Mountain at the Washington Town Park. Nice spot to have the hunt end. Tough spot to hear! Kathy(KB1FRG) got the last place fox and the team of George and Don (KB2SAE and N1ISB) got the first place fox. As always check the Hounds Stats Page  and the Photos page. I (Tim KE3HT) was second, third N1WCF/N1XHQ, fourth WA1ZHM, Fifth KB1EPP, sixth KB1FLK, seventh WD1W/KB1GPW/KB1GPV, eighth was W1TTT. W1TTT(Dave) was a big help to us because at least three of us would have gone over to NY after a while of not hearing the fox. Paul(KB1EPP) also brough his son Ian. We had a lot on young people. More than any other ham event I have been to in the past 4 years!
Year to date 2001 Records:
- 4/27/2001 Hunt with largest participation KB1EAA/KB1EUH, 19 people.
- 4/27/2001 Hunt with longest time to hear the fox KB1EAA/KB1EUH 1hr 15minutes.
- 4/27/2001 Hunt with most youth participation, KB1EAA/KB1EUH, 5,  3 licensed...
We also gave out some awards for the year 2000.
Year 2000 Awards:
- "Most Creative Hound"  KB1FLK/KB1FRG home made curly beam.
- "Rookie of the year 2000" award to KB1FLK/KB1FRG and KB1EPP.
- "We try Harder !" Award. N1ISB/KB2SAE.
- "Frank Woodstock memorial hunt September 2000" Todd N1XHR
- The "ESP" award Otherwise known as the WA1ZHM award :-) , who else? WA1ZHM!
- "BEST FOX" Tim KE3HT for the roof top Air conditioning Hunt.
- "Lame Fox" Award, WA1ZHM 14 minutes.
- "DNF" award  :-)  N1ISB/KB2SAE
Must be something fun about chasing foxes! Come join us! We have a web page thanks to NoBarc, it is: http://www.nobarc.org/hounds . There is information there on all kinds of hunting along with our instructions, photos and awards. Next month is National transmitter hunting month. I hope we can have a turn out like this one for the next hunt. George and Don always put on a good hunt so I look forward to it. In July we hope to have a "Wide Area" hunt. The date ain't set yet but most often we do these hunts on the 4th Sunday of the month. If your interested and have any questions just give a call on the 91 repeater. We also have a new list on the internet (hounds@ke3ht.ampr.org) where we discuss dates and events. If your interested just drop me a note ke3ht@nobarc.org....

March 18th, Good turnout and a heavy weight hunt.

We had a more difficult hunt than usual. I (KE3HT) was the fox. My goal was to confuse John(WA1ZHM) and his new Dop Scan. Everyone knows he seems to find ways to fool mine! I used a 30inch microwave dish and a 1/8wave feed to point the 100mw of RF right at the 147.030 repeater. I was in Dalton Behind the Legion field near the lake entrance. Dop Scans dont work if they can't hear the signal. I made it so only the Beam hunters could hear me at the start. Dop Scans loose 3 to 5db of receive ability so even the Body shielders should do better finding a signal to follow. This hunt was a Distance based hunt and John was bested by 3 of the other four hunters. I got the feeling he will get even with me next time he's the fox! For the results you can get the details off the  Hounds Stats Page but in order of mileage:  Dave(KB1EAA) / RoAnne(KB1EUH) team closely followed by Paul(KB1EPP) and then by Tom(KB1FLK) and his Daughter Kathy(KB1FRG). This was a high difficulty hunt and our teams did it in 4.5 miles and 44 minutes! I think we are getting a pretty good group of hunters. New news is the announcement of one of the newest Dop Scan's under development being released just after this hunt. Three of us are looking into a group build project. If anyone wants to join in just let me know.

January 7th ! Cold hunt.

We had a good turnout of hunters but we had some trouble with the final results. Between Todd and I we could not make out who won. Who Cares? We had great fun. John WA1ZHM had a good time on his first compeditive hunt with his new Dop Scan. That and his natural abilities will make him hard to beat. Todd hid behind the Tim Warner office building but he left his car in the side parking lot to help give him away.

Everyone is invited to come hunt with us! If Dave (who is now KB1EAA) can find the fox with a scanner, any ham who puts a little effort into it can find the picnic. Hope to see you all there!

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