November  23, 2003   Tom and Donna do the opposite.

5 Teams hunted! A pretty good turn out. This was a strange hunt. Donna(KB1HKU) and Tom(KB1FLK) did the opposite of what they did the last time they hid! Sneaky! They hid out in the open right off the side of Rt 7 by the library in Lanesborough. No more then 30feet from the road. The problem with this site is that the traffic keeps the hounds moving at a good speed right past the fox. Sneaky! Yours truly, Tim KE3HT was the first to find them. I only passed them twice! followed by Paul(N1PUA) and Tim(N1PTZ). Mr ESP, John (WA1ZHM) was followed by Todd(N1XHR). Pat(N1LZH) and Joe(W1BS) were the clean up team. There was quite a spread of times due to the Rt 7 valley. Memory serves me on a N1ISB hunt that was on the side of RT 7 and that was a mess as well. It was a very confortable day so we stood around for awhile chatting. Some of the discussions were about everyones techniques. Of all the techniques it seems that most of us find the very first bearing to be the most accurate. This is due to good starting spots. Common starting point hunts null out this factor. It is very handy to know of good starting spots in the event we have a real hunt. Someones life could depend on the First bearing someone takes. Wouldn't it be nice to have a list of good starting sites?  As I write this we received 17 inches of snow. Roads are slippery. As we mention in our rules, no hunting in poor conditions. This is a fun hunt. We will hang in there for a nice clear weekend but the holidays are approaching fast so we may not want to have one in December. I will keep everyone posted via e-mail and the N1ISB newcomers round table. See you soon!

October 26th 2nd annual N1ISB Memorial Wendy's cup hunt

Joe W1BS and Pat N1LZH were the fox for this months hunt. We had 4 teams hunting. It was great to have such a nice turn out. The WX was cloudy and warm, if you call 60deg warm. The fox den this month was in the parking lot of the Shakers museum on Rt 20 in Pittsfield. Not trying to but succeeding at being devious. It was quite a spot with only one team making a slam dunk, Donna KB1IKU/Tom KB1FLK came in first with a nice bearing from Lanesboro and zoomed right in. The team with driver Paul N1PUA had in the car Tim N1PTZ and Paul KB1EPP came in second after driving around the parking lot a few times right in front of the Fox! He did finally manage to stop in the right spot. I, Tim KE3HT, managed to drive by the Shaker Village only twice before entering the parking lot but I spent a lot of time looking to the north of the fox. I just could not get a bearing on them until I was on RT 20. Todd N1XHR and John WA1ZHM (MR ESP) were had trouble as well. They went down RT41 right past the Shaker Village and spent time to the south of the fox. They were pointing right at the fox early in the contest but went way past the spot. We had a great time in the parkinglot after the hunt swapping stories and gabbing.

Over the years we have developed a nice group of active hams that are ready for and have participated in hunts for downed aircraft as well as lost hunters. Come join in! We are always looking for new members. The more people hunting the more fun it is! You don't need anything to give this a try just contact any of the ham's mentioned here and we can find you a ride for your first time out. You can also solo the first time like Dave KB1EAA who found the fox using just a scanner only days before he got his license ! All you need is an HT or mobile rig and a rubber duck or a beam. It's handy to have a paper clip. All these things are readily available to most hams. Our web site also has an equipment building page that can help you build your own Tape Measure Beam for about $10 all parts available at local stores like WalMart. Check it out http://www.nobarc.org/hounds  Fox Hunting is easy and fun!

September 28th, 2003 Frank Woodstock memorial hunt

I, Tim KE3HT, was the fox for this hunt. Last hunt was under a bridge so in my typical tradition picked an opposite, on top of a hill. I picked a site where my signal should be heard from anywhere. I was wrong however. There was a dead spot going up route 9. I was up in the Winsor town park on top of Winsor mountain. We had three teams, one did not have much of an antenna but won the contest. Joe W1BS and Pat N1LZH happend to pick a good starting spot. I was so loud they could not tell which direction even with the antenna off the HT. The best bearing goes to Tom  and Donna who had a nice 65 degrees from the dalton golf course.  I did not realize it but I picked a hill top  that has  a knob in the way. I looked at this hill with a new program I bought (Topo USA) and discovered that a 100+ foot knob at the top of this hill. The bottom of the hill is where Tom and Donna were. The closer you got to the hill the less signal you heard till you got near the top. Last place was Paul N1PUA and Tim. The were getting fooled up looking for a strong signal. Turns out as you got closer to me the signal got weaker so they were going in the wrong direction.

July 12th, 2003 North County hunt

Tom KB1FLK and Donna KB1IKU were the foxes and foxey they were! They hid underneath the route 7 bridge near main street in North Adams! What bounce! I started up n top of the Mohauk trail and Paul N1PUA and son Ben started part way up the road to Greylock. We compared notes to see where the lines crossed then we both headed down hill. What a porblem once we got down hill. Bounce had us all over the place but we did finaly wind up on main street during a transmission and Bingo the signal had no reflections, it was straight ahead! We only had two hunters but it was still fun. I enjoy either competition, challenge or both. This time Paul and I compared notes and readings. Glad we did, this turned into a good challenge! To bad so many people missed this one. We have not had many this year and I miss you all! Come out and play!.  

May 10-15, 2003 A hunt for the 146.91 interference. 

Please see:  http://www.nobarc.org/hounds/realhunts/index.html

April 28, 2003 Tricky hunting in South County Hills!

Paul N1PUA and his son KB1FEZ along with Tim N1PTZ were the foxes. Tom and Donna, George and myself (Tim) were the hounds. The fox was above average terrian which meant the Hounds were seeing big time reflections off of mountains like Monument Mountain. Made for slow going. Tom and Donna were the only ones to pick a high spot for starting and got right to the Fox.  Must have been close to a record time. I started on Rt 7 and was probably within 2 miles on the third transmission but the bounce was off of Monument Mountain! George too was fooled by the bouncing. All in all we had a good time and the outing helped me get over some of my cabin fever.
Come Join us! You do not need to be a regular or even have hunted with us before. Just send your email address to ke3ht@nobarc.org and I will add you to our mailing list. One last thing, Why are you not attending? Let us know. If you would like to see a hunt during the week or just a different time schedule we can arrange that as well. The more people we have the more fun this is. Have you never hunted ? We can train you and/or team you up with a more experianced hunter. You don't need anything other than a HT to hunt. You can also participate from home.. Feel free to help the foxes on wheels ! 73's!   

 NO EXPERIANCE NECESSARY! All you need is an HT and a map to participate. if your not sure you can do it, ask anyone of our hounds and I am SURE they will help. Its a great bunch of Hams we have.

Please listen to the NoBarc New Comers round table at 7:30pm on Tuesdays for an announcement for the next hunt. We also run a very informal News List for the NoBarc hounds. To subscribe send e-mail to "majordomo@ke3ht.ampr.org" and in the body of the e-mail put "subscribe hounds".  After you are subscribed you can send e-mail to hounds@ke3ht.ampr.org. This way you will hear up to the minute info on the next hunt as well as some of the challenges and bantering we partake in. We also have some info at http://www.nobarc.org/hounds.

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