April 25, 2004   FIRE!

We had great fun with this hunt! The foxes were Tim, N1PTZ and Ben KB1FEZ. N1PUA had to miss this hunt. The weather brought out 6 teams this time! This was a good turn out. Hiding in the Lenox Dale Fire Dept Tim and Ben kept us busy. The hills in this area confuse both beams and DOP Scans alike. Fortunately they were running low power which allowed us to use the third type of tool, the S-Meter on an HT using our bodies as a shield. When it got strong we were in the right area. Then the body shielding got us in a couple of blocks. I then was able to use my DopScan. Even with the DopScan I drove by them three or four times. Have you ever seen an empty car in a fire Department parking lot that did NOT have an antenna on it? These two guys were hiding in the back seat of their car while we circled. All in All Tim and Ben did a GREAT JOB! At the start of the hunt Donna KB1IKU and Todd N1XHR both reported a southern signal from Lanesborough and the GAA respectively. Donna and Tom commented that most of the rest of the group was closer so they did not think they were going to do well yet they came in second! Often in timed hunts the seeming leaders are to close to get good starting bearings and wander around at the mercy of the reflections. Motto: Never give up! I (Tim KE3HT) started late from Dalton and heard nothing on the input. Dave KB1EAA and RoAnne KB1EUH joined in a little late as well and were on top of the fox way earlier than anyone yet they did not finish! Again, the closer you are does NOT mean your going to win! Finishers in relative order were: Tim KE3HT, Donna KB1IKU and Tom KB1FLK, Todd N1XHR who was motorcycle Mobile!, Tom Sullivan (call might be W1AUV?)  a new comer to these hunts. Tom was on his way home from a hamfest in Connecticut. NoBarc president Pat N1LZH and former Pres Joe W1BS were also in this hunt. This was a quick paced hunt with some good chatting between the hounds. Chatting makes this more fun!

May 8-9th  is National Fox hunting weekend sponsored by CQ Magazine. More info and last years stories: http://www.homingin.com
To this end I hope to have the next hunt on May9th and will be a distance hunt starting in the Bradlees parking lot. Since 146.91 has a net at 1pm we will start the hunt at 1:30pm. The area will be Pittsfield and any town that makes contact with Pittsfield.

Want to hunt? All you need is an HT. A map helps a lot.  Join in from home or ask for a ride. Many of us ride solo and have a lot of room for a co-pilot.

February 1, 2004   Tim goes shopping.

5 Teams hunted again! Just like our last hunt in December. A pretty good turn out.  We also had two home foxes we owe thanks to, KB1FEZ and N1JJK.The hunt lasted 1 hour 30 minutes.  Todd N1XHR has made a come back by getting to the Fox, Tim KE3HT, in 14 minutes and 1.4 miles. Quite an impressive job. KB1EAA and KB1EUH were complaining about not being prepared but they managed to come in second. I wonder if they are starting their old pattern of keeping second place? The new NoBarc president  N1LZH and the old one W1BS (Husband and wife :-) were an impressive third. KB1IKU and KB1FLK had a nice 4th. The surprise of this hunt was N1PUA, Sorry Paul but with a Dop Scan we were all wondering where you were? :-) I think we need more hunts for Paul to practice on! I also see a trend in pairs of hunters. We used to have more individuals and that worried me. It's much safer if you have some help drive while the non-driver is doing the maps and thinking. Dave and Roanne proved to me that husbands and wife's can hunt and do well. Now we have Tom and Donna who have made very good showings all throught 2003. Pat and Joe, also husband and wife are also doing a great job. Do you see the pattern I am seeing? Maybe I need to get re-married? We spent most of 2003 on "fun" hunts so we never kept a running score but I think we can all see the whole group has improved a lot in 2003.  Most of the hunts in 2002 and early 2003 exceeded 2hours and now its rare for us to have them last more than 1.5hours! Looking at the Hounds awards section I have to ask, Who was the Rookie of the Year?  If you have some time have a look at: http://www.nobarc.org/hounds/records.html and make some suggestions for who should get what awards. I would like to make it to the Feb 22nd meeting and bring some awards to hand out so please e-mail me or anyone in the group ke3ht@nobarc.org. Pictures of this hunt can be found by clicking on the Pictures link http://www.nobarc.org/hounds/pictures. N1XHR, Todd will be holding next months meeting. Lets hope we have some nicer weather than we did in January!

 NO EXPERIANCE NECESSARY! All you need is an HT and a map to participate. if your not sure you can do it, ask anyone of our hounds and I am SURE they will help. Its a great bunch of Hams we have.

Please listen to the NoBarc New Comers round table at 7:30pm on Tuesdays for an announcement for the next hunt. We also run a very informal News List for the NoBarc hounds. To subscribe send e-mail to "majordomo@ke3ht.org" and in the body of the e-mail put "subscribe hounds".  After you are subscribed you can send e-mail to hounds@nobarc.org. This way you will hear up to the minute info on the next hunt as well as some of the challenges and bantering we partake in. We also have some info at http://www.nobarc.org/hounds.

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