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The Butternut Repeater is on the air !
145.270 / pl 136.5
The repeater is running in mixed modes. That means it can pass analog or Fusion digital audio. In order not to hear a digital signal you need to put your radios in a Tone Decode mode of pl 136.5 so you won't hear the noise. Older radios without decode will just have to hear it as well as scanners. The Digital signal takes priority over an analog signal and will overtake an analog signal. So as a digital user please listen to analog first and ask is the frequency is in use then go digital and after you are done please say that you are clear digital so the analog guys know you are done. Reports of coverage is highly welcome.

Upcoming Events
May 29th 7pm
At the Berkshire Humane Society
214 Barker Road
Pittsfield, MA

NoBARC is looking for a backup location
for Field Day. If you know of a place contact
Eric at ka1sun@nobarc.org.

Upgrade of the 146.91 repeater

Help Blind Ham Save His Home

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June 11th - 13th
18:00 UTC Sat. through 02:59 UTC Mon.



Albany, NY
Spotter Training Session
Thurs. May 14   (7-9 PM)
Berkshire Medical Center Auditorium
725 North Street, Pittsfield, MA

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Taunton, MA
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