This page contains basic info on the packet station on Mt. Greylock.

  • Nobarc's main user access to packet is on 145.05 MHz and is called WMA. 1200baud FSK** 
  • One of the better Local resources for DX is from K1TTT on 145.69. 
  • ** WMA is currently on top of Mt. Greylock and has nodes and BBS's on the same frequency from other states making the node SEEM to be deaf or down a good deal of the time. When others are using the freq you can't hear them, but you can hear WMA, the effect is called HTS Hidden Transmitter Syndrome it is also refered to as ETS or Exposed Transmitter Syndrome when done on mountain tops.. We have it worse than most nodes and User nodes are not recommended to be on top of mountains like Greylock. Details on the effect can be read about in this paper by Burt VE2BMQ.